Bulk SMS Services

Short messaging service is one of the oldest and most commonly used methods of mobile communication. Now a days, bulk SMS is widely used data application for information broadcasting, this is an easiest and affordable way to spread awareness about anything. Through this you can manage a suitable relationship between client and vendor because of its easy accessing.

Types of Bulk SMS Services


Transactional Bulk SMS
Transactional messages have gained tremendous popularity now a days by delivering instant informations and real-time updates like OTP, Verification codes, news passing, etc. In the Transactional Bulk SMS service you can send information 24*7 but you can't use promotional content in it. We help to brings to you facile and accessible Transactional SMS gateways where you can register your firm and send SMS, designed to work in a trouble free manner.

Promotional Bulk SMS
The basic idea of having promotional SMS is to utilize it for the purpose of promotion, developing a business idea and other business related purposes like publicizing your new offers and deals. It has a limitation of 12 hour time period, means you can send your promotional SMS in between 9 a.m to 9 p.m and it will not delivered on DND numbers. Promotional Bulk SMS plans and packages is enhancement and boon for every business perspective.

Your target is to reach out and we certainly will help you to do that with our DND promo plans in which you can do promotional activity with Transactional gateway. Which means your promotional SMS get delivered on DND numbers as well. Moreover, you can send the SMS 24*7 in it. Means no bars and no T&C's related to your content and numbers. Send new offers, new products or any events right away to thousands of people in one click.

Built-in Features

Simple Campaigning Management

With maximum delivery of Text messages, we will emerge your brand presence with easy to download and manage delivery reports. Manage your messages and campaigns with easy to access user Interface.

Multiple Templates and Routes

Create unlimited templates and Doesn’t need to get approval of templates. Multiple routes & Multiple Gateways makes platform dynamic, flexible and customized. Our Bulk SMS Services provides you all.

Multiple Sender id

Create unlimited six character sender id and templates signifying your business name or as per your requirement in one account with instant approval by our team. It gives ease of access and easy management of messages as well.

Unicode SMS

SMS can be sent in any language. Send bulk SMS with unicode option to send sms in national & regional languages as well like hindi, tamil, telugu, kannad, etc. As language has no bar to connect with people with our Bulk SMS services.

Dynamic Messages

You may put Dynamic part in SMS to change content of SMS. Which means some attributes or variables are changed in every message according to client details and credentials associated with them.

Reseller & User Plans

Get your reseller or user account according to your needs and manage SMS campaigns and your further clients with different panel options availability. Start your earning without any investment & security with White labeling.

API Integration

We facilitate integration of flexible and powerful API into applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations, Authentication, etc. We can build custom API as per customer needs and demands. Get real time notifications with API integration.

Message Scheduling

We offers “Send Later” option. You can schedule SMS for future dates and timings: simply choose time and date and SMS will deliver accordingly without any error. Run Campaigns while system is not around.

Real Time Reports

Get easy and real time reporting of your campaign. You ill get status of every message you send whether its delivered, undelivered, sent, failed, etc. Also, reports will extracted and updated in excel format.

Our Bulk SMS sender panel in rohtak has various features as mention below. Various Route System, SMS modes, Language flexibility and much more. Features of Bulk SMS Panel in rohtak:

  • => Multiple Templates & Route.
  • => SMS can be sent in any language.
  • => Multiple Sender ID (6 Characters).
  • => Transactional route ensures instant sms delivery.
  • => Sender Id And Template needs approval for sending sms.
  • => You may put Dynamic part in sms to change content of sms.
  • => Separate Admin Panel for reseller & Login panel for user.
  • => All the reports will be generated within the panel of each number.
  • => Reseller Panel with White Labeling.
  • => Sender id will be approved within 24 hours of request.
  • => Refund will be processed at end of the month.
  • => 1 SMS will be of 160 characters in English and 70 Characters in Hindi.
  • => We provide telephonic support from 10 am to 5 pm at +91-9306366096 and entertain email at [email protected]

Bulk Sms Price List

Promotional SMS Route

Quantity Price
1 lacs SMS Rs. => 11 Paisa + Tax
3 lacs SMS Rs. => 10.5 Paisa + Tax
5 lacs SMS Rs. => 10 Paisa + Tax

DND Trans SMS Route

Quantity Price
1 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 11.5 Paisa + Tax
3 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 11.25 Paisa + Tax
5 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 11 Paisa + Tax

Transaction SMS Route

Quantity Price
1 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 11.25 Paisa + Tax
3 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 11 Paisa + Tax
5 lacs Trans SMS Rs. => 10.75 Paisa + Tax

We provide Bulk sms services in all States and Cities in India.

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